Noir: Shot Through the Heart v. 1.0

Mireille and Kirika posing with guns

About the game:

This is a simple web game that for now uses no cookies, no login, and allows easy backtracking if you run into a bad ending.  If you want to "save" where you are in the game, simply bookmark the page you're on.  Some pages may be subject to frequent revisions.

This is based on the anime series Noir and claims no rights to the anime or the story or characters.  This is a free fan work.  It is supposed to play somewhat like "Ren Ai" games, visual novels, or dating simulation games, or "choose your own adventure" books.

Ready to start?

You are a government aide.  Whatever your gender, tastes, or flexibility, you like females.  You are asked to contact Noir, to hire them to take down leaders of a coup before they can act.

To contact Noir, simply submit a personal ad to Le Figaro with certain code words, and they will contact you.

Your choices:

1. Submit the ad |

2. Leave the country at once and change your name.