You mention that you have an extra ticket to the Megumi Hayashibara concert tomorrow night, looking right at Kirika.  She looks at you for just a moment, her eyes looking just a big bigger than usual.  Then she looks down, then towards Mireille, who seems uneasy.  "Please, Mireille... we don't have any work to do tomorrow night anyway..."

Mireille looks very coldly at you for the first time.  "As you may have noticed, you'll be in a lot of danger."  She places her hand gently on Kirika's shoulder.  "And I don't want Kirika to get close to... anyone else.  I don't want to see her hurt."  Kirika looks down, nodding slowly.

"I'm used to taking risks.  Besides, Kirika needs a little break now and then.  You really want to go, don't you, Kirika-san?"  Mireille shakes her head, while Kirika brightens up again.  "Meet me at the snack stand 5 metres to the right of the entrance at 7:40pm tomorrow night with the tickets," she says.  Mireille helps her stand, and they leave together.

You head home without further incident.

The next day, you find a scalper to get your tickets.  You're given three options:

1. Front row tickets, close to the centre, for about a week's wages. |

2. Middle of the auditorium.  Relatively good view, less than half the front-row price. |

3. Way in the back, even cheaper.