You mention a restaurant that you think has the best Artichauts au brocciu.  Mireille looks at you with a wry smile.  Kirika looks a little confused.  "If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were asking me out for dinner," said Mireille.

"If you'd like."

"Kirika?"  Mireille's eyes become wide and slightly pleading, while Kirika's brows furrow, and she takes on a sterner look than usual.  "Again, Mireille?"  Kirika sighs.  "Very well.  But be home by midnight, and remember the rules."

Mireille nods.  Kirika shrugs a little and excuses herself.

"Let's go," says Mireille.  "Shall we take the easy way, or the shortcut?"

1. The easy way.

2. The shortcut.