Your ad in Le Figaro is quickly answered, and you are to meet Noir at a small cafe in Paris.  You walk into the cafe and have a look around.  In the air are scents of coffee, orange, and cinnamon.  You catch the eye of a blonde-haired woman who tilts her head slightly, a motion for you to come join her and her companion.  You then notice the raven-haired girl sitting beside her, who gives you a nod and stirs her tea.

You take a seat and very quickly get through official business.  They are willing to accept the hit list and price offered by your government, so that makes it easy.  At first they seemed very young to be the infamous assassins, but you realise from their professionalism and guarded confidence that they have carried out many such jobs.

Mireille, the blonde, seems a little older than Kirika.  She might have a slight Corsican accent, but you aren't sure.  She is slightly cheerful, but it seems to be a mask she wears, her official business demeanor.

Kirika doesn't seem to be putting on a mask.  She gives you the impression that she is innocent about some things, but not about killing.  She is wearing a black Mari Iijima t-shirt.


1. Mention a Corsican restaurant that you think has the best Artichauts au brocciu. |

2. Claim to have an extra ticket to the Megumi Hayashibara concert tomorrow (you think you can get two tickets from a scalper). |

3. Duck. |

4. Start humming "Watashi no Kare wa Pairoto."