A car drives past, and several rounds are fired off into the restaurant, aiming for Noir.  You seem to duck about the same time as Mireille and Kirika.  You find yourself leaning against Kirika under the table.  She takes your hand reassuringly, but you quickly move away when the shooting stops.  None of you are hit.

Mireille compliments you on your reflexes and asks if you have served in the military.  You say no, but you have taken a defensive training class as required by your government.

"It's probably dangerous to be here with us right now," says Mireille.  "Our business is through anyway.  You should go."


1. Mention a Corsican restaurant that you think has the best Artichauts au brocciu. |

2. Claim to have an extra ticket to the Megumi Hayashibara concert tomorrow (you think you can get two tickets from a scalper). |

3. Thank them and excuse yourself.